Capturing Truth

Power of Thought

Our thoughts often effect how we perceive our surroundings, ourselves, and our emotions. If we are convinced that our creativity is blocked and dry, then it will remain blocked and dry. We will be unable to create and will feel powerless and trapped. However, it is not life itself that has trapped us, nor our experiences, it is our own negative thoughts that create the shackles of our jail.

To escape this pattern of negativity, we must take each negative thought and place a positive thought next to it. A positive thought that is rational and logically debunks the negative thought. We must believe that we are wild and free, that we are not shackled and trapped but alive and full of ideas. These positive thoughts must be kept strong, and we must think them and believe them over the negative ones. It takes time to un-condition ourselves from negative, debilitating thoughts, but we must do this in order to destroy the jail cell we have created for ourselves.

Every single person has the potential for creativity. However, for whatever reason, we let negative thoughts overcome our potential. Many of these negative thoughts may come from our surroundings or what we have been taught, but it is us that perpetuate the thoughts. We start to believe these negative notions that we are not good enough for this or that. That we have no creativity, that we are meant to just live like a drone and nothing else. We become trapped in our shackles, unable to see the beauty of ourselves and our world because our negativity has blinded us.

It takes time and energy to overcome negativity and replace it with a more positive attitude and thought process, but in the end it is worth this struggle. For when we cast away our shackles and step free of our self-imposed jail cells, we see ourselves for what we truly are: people who hold great potential; people who are strong and full of life and energy.

We must not let ourselves fall prey to negativity and lose sight of who we are. The seeds of creativity is still within each of us, but such seeds need nurturing in order to grow and blossom and bear fruit. Negativity is like a pestilence that comes to destroy those seeds, but we must not let this happen, for if we do, we lose a part of ourself. We lose sight of who we are, and we become lost in this mire of negativity, hopelessness.

There is always hope. To live a life of hope is to live life with a positive outlook and attitude. Yes, there is much about this world that is negative and depressing, and it may seem hopeless, but if we give up the fight now, we will lose what we hold dear just as much as we lose ourselves in the process. What is right and good in this world does not come to us easily, especially when negativity is mired into society’s very fabric. No, we must fight for what is good and right, and we must do so with a positive attitude and thought process, so we can hold true to ourselves. When we are true to who we are, we are able to find an inner strength that we may not realize we had.

But how do you discover who you truly are? That requires much introspection, an understanding of your needs and wants and hopes and dreams as well as a respect for yourself and your needs.

We are complex human beings, and our thoughts can be quite powerful in determining who we are and where we stand in life. Often we lose sight of this and allow other people to determine who we are. When this happens, we have lost touch with ourselves entirely, and finding ourselves again becomes a fight so hard that many cannot bear it. So they continue to let others determine who they are. It is often a sad reality.

All of us are creative; we all have that potential. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. This is a truth we must hold onto despite the negativity that often dominates this world. If we do not understand or love ourselves, then how can we even hope to love or understand others?


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