Capturing Truth


I have been debating for some time what to do about this blog. I came to the conclusion I could do one of two things:

1. Use it as a place to explain what I am learning in my classes. Once I put what I learn into an easily accessible format so that others may learn it as well, it helps me better understand my own material so I can apply it not only on assessments in class but also outside of class.

2. Continue my current method of writing once a week about random topics determined by myself, followers of the blog, or my girlfriend.

Obviously the second idea hasn’t worked, and my blog has fallen out of favor even with myself. I just don’t have time to update randomness of any degree. Not with my Modern Physics class taking up much of my time, leaving little room to shove in my other four classes.

Therefore, I can either put this blog on hiatus or attempt the first option. I’d rather not give up on this blog completely, but the first option may be the best for helping me comprehend the topics in my classes, especially in Physics.

This is my hope for this blog currently. I may intermix the entries with human rights issues as they enter my attention. There may even be a new metamorphosis of this blog someday. We’ll see.


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