Capturing Truth

Important updates

I have edited my resources page and added more links and information to help my fellow readers! However, my blog statistics say I receive very little visitors. This is the sad reality of life I think.

Today NaNoWriMo begins. I am completely unprepared. I haven’t devised any outlines or plans or built any characters or worlds. All I have is my fingers and this undying urge to WRITE.

Thus, this epic journey will begin. I will force myself to write something anything. I must spew forth the words. Each delectable, frightening countenance that strikes the white page of my word processor, each word that wiggles and gasps for air as I breathe life into it. Yes, the pain, the frustration, the wild insanity that is writing. The only way to see the fruit of one’s labor is to persevere through the sweat and the blood of action.

I have also come to the conclusion that once I am more stable in my income I will do two things: Repair the tie rods on my car – have six months to do this task – and buy a new battery for my laptop. This stability will hopefully occur within the next two months if all my plans bear fruit. What does this mean for this blog? Basically nothing other than I hope once I am settled and able to manage my time more efficiently, I can update this blog twice a week instead of once.


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