Capturing Truth

Inherent silliness

It is a Thursday and time for my weekly update. When asked for a topic, my dear girlfriend suggested Tacos.

So to Tacos we shall go.

A Taco originated from Mexico, but soon became widespread throughout America. Some people even suggest that tacos have become so inherent in American culture that it is no longer “Mexican” but now an American food similar to the good ole Steak and Potatoes. Tacos consist of either a wheat or corn or flax tortilla shell that is filled with beef and/or refried beans, salsa, spices, lettuce, and sometimes cheese and tomatoes and/or avocados. They are a bit messy, but many profess to their deliciousness.

And so concludes this entry on the wonders of tacos.

Dear readers, what do you think should be my next topic? Feel free to comment or let me know. Otherwise I’ll revert to writing and science, my specialties.


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