Capturing Truth

The Fluidity of Humanity

It’s interesting how a photon is both a wave and a particle, and this dual nature seems to extend to various other quantum particles such as electrons. Its one of the reasons why determining the velocity and location of such a particle simultaneously is just not possible.

When I am sitting at my desk attempting to work through a rather complicated Calculus problem, my mind wanders from this dual nature of particles to the fluidity of humanity. How is humanity fluid? The answer to this question is identity. For instance, atoms are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons, where the protons and neutrons are made of quarks. The identity of an atom can be altered by converting some of its protons and neutrons into energy, which is, in essence, what fission is: turning one element into another – changing its identity and releasing energy as one does so.

I suppose the parallel I’m seeing is that in humans we also can alter our identities, and it does require energy and time on our part. For example, gender fluidity: I could one day dress very masculine, and this would take some extra energy on my part since my physical body is female and I’d need not only masculine clothes, but also an understanding of how a male behaves in public; both would help me pass as a male. Here I altered my identity from female to male, and although it took a bit more energy and time for me to create this change, my identity was altered. However, I must point out that in this example it is just a presentation change and not an actual physical change – so I suppose it wouldn’t be completely parallel to my quantum example of the atom, where it undergoes a physical change in identity. Instead I will compare it to the dual nature of a photon. How it is both a wave and a particle at the same time. So in essence, my fluidity with the nature of gender could be seen as a dual nature, where I can be perceived as both female and male – even if many would not classify me as physically male. Part of this fluidity is creating an identity that is so believable that people do not question it, and for some people they determine it best to go beyond just presentation and into physical change. This is hard and it requires not only energy but an understanding of how both genders is perceived by the majority, so that the transformation is passable.

But think, what we identify as does change over time. Gender is an extreme example that many never consider. Part of this reason is that some people are content with their gender identity and see no reason to alter its presentation or physicality of it, while others are not content and so either become extremely fluid in one’s presentation as I tend to be or undergo transition into their correct gender. The idea that gender is not concrete is hard for many to comprehend and often scares/disturbs people, but it is important to discuss.

Let us take a look at another example of fluidity; this time in one’s spiritual identity. Let’s say one person is Catholic. However, in just a few days to a few years, this person may seriously examine their spiritual identity, and realize that they do not fully align with the Catholic identity, so this will send them on a search of the spiritual identity that they perceive fits them more solidly and comfortably.

Identity is not set in stone as some would like to believe. It is fluid. Just as the dual nature of particles is fluid – either wave or particle upon observation. Our natures isn’t nearly as random as a particles’ might be, but it is still quite fluid.

This is a concept that many refuse to consider, but it is true. Humanity is fluid. What we perceive as set in stone, truly is not. We may wish it and try to force it and others to stay one identity, but in essence such a behavior only seeks to harm us and whoever we tried to force to be who we wished them to be. For such an action only pushes this fluidity under the surface and forces it into secrecy, which is never a good place to be. Living in secrecy is a painful and harmful place to be, and no one should have to hide who they are. We are all human, and we are fluid and full of complexity and wonder. Our lives on this Earth is fairly short when we consider how old this universe truly is – 13.73 billion years old. Truly, our life is but a speck in the great scheme of life, so let us enjoy ourselves and others for the wonder and beauty that they are.


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