Capturing Truth

Climbing a Mountain

There is several ways to climb a mountain; the method depends on the type of mountain as well as its location. In Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, there is several mountains, where foot trails switchback and forth to the mountain’s peak. One of these mountains, called Flat-top, has a beautiful walk through the various climate zones, and even if one is out of shape, the trail is still passable, the hiker just takes it slower. This trail leads the hiker through the forest zone of the mountain, where the trail will pass through groves of spruce and pine, populated by birds, chipmunks, and squirrels. The further the trail climbs, the more the trees begin to thin and decrease in size, and the more small ponds and lakes decorate crevices and bowls in the sides of the mountain. The breeze grows cooler as the trail progresses toward the peak, and soon the hiker passes above the tree line into the frigid but beautiful landscape of the alpine region, where tiny moss like flowers and plants hug the soil between rocks and the marmots and pikas dominate the landscape. On a good day a few elk may be seen transversing this landscape and browsing the sparse vegetation. At the peak itself, rocks litter the ground, but the view takes one’s breath away. Mountains embrace the valley below, and the view, on a good day, is clear and the hiker can see for miles, until a taller mountain on the opposite side of the valley or along the valley’s sides obstructs the view. Clouds are near, and if any form, one can even stand and breath in the cloud’s vapors, exist within its nebulous walls.

Such a climb involves determination and some stamina.

Other climbs involve great skill, stamina, determination, and most of all training before attempted a climb. These types of climbs involve pushing the body into shape, and building muscles one will need for an arduous climb, which will involve rope and scaling vertical walls near the top of the mountain and often up half of its sides. Such a climb involves great planning, much training, and most of all stamina. A determined climber may go alone, but it is best to try such a climb in a group of at least two or more incase an accident happens, for the sides of a tall mountain may be steep and deadly. It is no amble through the woods like an easy hike to Flat-top in the Rocky Mountain National Park. No, such an arduous climb will test the will, the physical power, and intelligence of all climbers involved.

Both methods of climbing are allegorical to life. There are times when the trail is fairly easy, and winds its way to the top in a manner that allows for breaks and an easy-going pace. Other times, the climb is arduous, and even a great amount of planning cannot always save a climber from accidents and miscalculations, where one must think fast to stay alive.

One may hope that life will stick with the easier route. Sadly, this is not always the case, and those who plan and prepare are one step ahead of those who wander without direction.

In this manner, I begin this climb to seek the mountain peaks of my life and those of the world, in which we live.


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